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Corporate/industrial/Promotional/EPK and Behind-the-Scenes

I have done corporate, industrial, promotional and training videos for clients such as Disney, Wells Fargo, Arista Records, Vons Supermarkets, California Culinary Institute, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, St. Franics Hospitals, Ralphs, Western Digital, Sony, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Microsoft, Golden Nugget, U.S. Air Force and many others.

I have done EPKs, behind-the-scenes and other material for DVD content for Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and others. I have also done documentaries and narrative fiction pieces.

My lighting package is considerably more extensive than the usual video kit and I also own a complete audio package. The crew I bring with me on larger jobs are top-notch people with extensive experience in the corporate/industrial world. As you can see from my experience in features and commercials, I am capable of lighting that is substantially more complex and sophisticated than might be expected from a normal "video" crew.

I can do lighting for historical recreations, various moods and looks and more sophisticated fashion or commercial looks together with camera work and post-production to generate any type of look or feeling.

My experience spans the gamut from CEO interviews in the executive offices to helicopter shots to crawling through silver mines on my hands and knees. I have shot in seven countries under all types of conditions so I'm ready for anything.