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Cinematographer on features: 35mm, HD, 16mm, BetaSP & DV

Blain Brown - Cinematographer/HD Cameraman

Pathfinder Pictures. Sci-fi/action film.

Sam Bottoms (Apocalypse Now, Last Picture Show) Pat Morita (Karate Kid). 35mm.

Double Deception

Pathfinder Pictures. Thriller.

Udo Kier (Breaking The Waves, Blade, End of Days) Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Heartbreak Kid, Jack of Hearts), James Russo (Once Upon a Time In America, Donnie Brasco, The Ninth Gate). 35mm.

Strong City

Film Ventures. Drama.

John Savage (Deerhunter, Thin Red Line), Charles Napier (Slience of the Lambs), Henry Silva (Manchurian Candidate, Ghost Dog). 35mm.

Shades of Gray

Everest Pictures. Detective thriller.

Doug Jeffrey (Lola’s Game), Kelly Burns (Dark Angel, K2), Kathy Shower (Improper Conduct), Granville Ames (Uncle Buck). 35mm.

No Goodbyes

Dome Entertainment. Detective drama. Robert Forster (Academy Award nominee), Sally Kirkland (Academy Award nominee , Anna, Cold Feet, JFK), Ron Gilbert (The Usual Suspects), James Hong (Chinatown). 35mm.


Everest Pictures. Adventure/Romance. Richard Tyson (Me, Myself and Irene, Liars Poker), Matt McCoy (LA Confidential, Hand That Rocks The Cradle). Widescreen (Super35) romance shot on location in India.

A Woman To Die For

Chelsea Productions High Def 24p shot with Sony 900 Cinealta and transfered to film with Filmlook©.

Yellow Taxi Woman

Chamisa Productions HD feature.

Fugitive X

Silverlake Productions. Action/adventure Richard Norton (China O’Brien), William Windom (Planes, Trains and Automobiles), Clement von Franckenstein (Cruel Intentions, The American President). 35mm.

Slow Burn

Lucky Dog Productions.

Warren Stevens (Chill Factor, The Scarlet Letter). 35mm.

Tainted Love

Everest Pictures. Detective thriller.

Kehli O’Byrne (Dark Angel), Lea Ann Beaman (Irresitible Impulse). 35mm.


Cameo Films. Erotic thriller.

Kim Dawson (Viper, The Big Hustle) Kira Reed (Tomorrow By Midnight)

The Blind Cellist

Mystique Productions

Erotic thriller. 35mm.

Getting Away

Maui Heat Productions

Directed by Mike Marvin (The Wraith, Renegade). 16mm.


Expressway Productions. Family sci-fi comedy.

Joe Pantoliano(The Matrix, Mement), John Rhys Davies (Raiders of the Lost Ark). 35mm.

American Kickboxer II

Davian Int. Action.

David Graf (Rules of Engagement), Ted Markland (Switchback, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest). 35mm; shot in the Philippines.

The Big Hustle Cameo Films Leland Price, director. 35mm.

I’m Watching You

Mystique Productions. Second unit.

Psychological thriller. 16mm.

Leprechaun II

First unit Operator / 2nd Unit DP. Planet Productions / Trimark.

Warwick Davis (Harry Potter). 35mm.

The Black Book

Maui Heat Productions

Mike Marvin, director. 16mm.

True Crime

Trimark. 2nd Unit

Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Kevin Dillon (Platoon). 35mm.

Sailor's Tattoo

2nd Unit

IRS Entertainment for Showtime. 35mm.

Asian Task Force

Carpe Diem Prod.

Police action thriller. 35mm.

Sharper Image

PEI Entertainment

Operator and 2nd Unit.16mm.

Back In The Day

BID Productions

Paul Winfield (Cliffhanger, The Terminator), Richard Roundtree (Shaft). High Def.

Deadly Obsession

Distant Horizons

2nd Unit director / cameraman. 35mm.

Married People

Sunshine Pictures


Women on Death Row


Feature length documentary in BetaSP. Bill Burke, Director


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