Director of Photography

Cinematographer/Director of Photography/High Def Cameraman with 35mm Arriflex camera, HD camera plus lighting, grip and audio. Experience shooting 35mm and 16mm film, HD and 4K/5K for feature films, music videos, commericals, promos, point-of-purchase videos, documentaries, industrials and training films.
Director of Photography/Cameraman
Education: BA—LIU, MArch—M.I.T.
Cult Life Cult Life Productions HD 24P
The Food Chain Food Chain Productions HD 24P
A Woman To Die For Peso Productions HD 24P
Fury Pathfinder Pictures 35mm
Chloe and Del Abraxis Pictures HD 24P
Double Deception Pathfinder Pictures 35mm
Monsoon Everest Pictures Super35
Surrender Cameo Films 16mm
Fugitive X Silverlake Productions 35mm
Strong City Film Ventures 35mm
Slow Burn Lucky Dog Productions HD 24P
Tainted Love Everest Pictures 35mm
No Goodbyes Dome Entertainment 35mm
The Blind Cellist Mystique Productions 16mm
Getting Away Mystique Productions 16mm
Yellow Taxi Woman Chamisa Productions DVCam
Shades of Gray Everest Pictures 35mm
Golddigger Expressway Productions 35mm
American Kickboxer II Davian Int. 35mm
Leprechaun II Operator / 2nd Unit DP. Trimark 35mm
The Black Book Maui Heat Productions 16mm
True Crime 2nd Unit. Trimark 35mm
Sailor's Tattoo 2nd Unit. IRS Ent. for Showtime 35mm
Asian Task Force Carpe Diem Productions HD 24P
Playboy / Sharper Image Playboy Entertainment 16mm
Back In The Day BID Productions Super35
The Appointment BurntUmber HD 24P
Deadly Obsession 2nd Unit Distant Horizons 35mm
Women on Death Row Filmark BetaSP
Married People Sunshine Films HD 24P
Fitness Experience Commercial Kranky/Z-Group
Ritz Carlton Hotel Commercial Intelliscape/Bruce Caulk
MGM On Ice Commercial MGM/Aspect Ratio
Aramis Point of purchase video - Aramis Leap Frog Films
MGM - The Lion Roars Commercial MGM/Aspect Ratio
Nelly - SongPro Commercial Castle Prod.
Bulletproof Title sequence Universal Pictures/Aspect Ratio
Wyndham Hotels Commercial Infinity Films
Crystal Spring Water Commercial Leap Frog Films
The Cramps Music Video Crampit Prod.
Master P Music Video No Limit/Reveal
Lil Romeo Promo No Limit/Reveal
Howard Hewitt Music video A.S.A.P.
Casino Drive Two music videos William Hames Prod.
AT&T 35mm promotional for AT&T Infinity Films
Nescafe Commercial Leap Frog Films
New Amsterdam Beer Commercial Frankfurt, Gips and Balkind
NYNEX PSA for New York telephone Frankfurt, Gips and Balkind
New Products National spots for RCA Outworld Productions
Penicillin Music Video William Hames Productions
Cozy Kubo and No! Music Video William Hames Productions
Tufts Medical Program Commercial Steiner/Benis
Cheez Music video A.S.A.P.
Kenny Strong Music video Capitol records
Chocolate Music video Solar Records
Rodney O and Joe Cooley Music video Solar Records
Energy Efficiency NYS Electric Companies. Imagine Films
Don't Do Drugs PSA with Coolio. BID Productions
Alex Strong DP/LD-5 camera concert William Hames Productions
Toyotathon Commercial Infinity Films
Neon Commercial Infinity Films
Royal Jordanian Airlines Industrial multi-screen Wally Deever Films
...and many others.
Industrial video, EPK, interviews, behind-the-scenes for DVD content, documentaries, historical recreations, website content, corporate promotional. Also political commercials on film and video and training films.

Shooting experience in corporate/industrial/documentary includes work in BetaSP, Digi-Beta, High Def, DVCam, film and other format.

Clients include: Warner Brothers, Disney, Microsoft, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Arista Records, Sony Studios, California Culinary Institute, St. Francis Hospital, Golden Nugget Casino, U.S. Air Force, Western Digital, Royal Jordanian Airlines, AT&T, Ralphs Supermarkets, Tufts Medical Plan and many others.

Experience lighting for features, commercials, special effects, music videos, video, documentaries, television, multi-camera, concerts and theater.

Motion Picture and Video Lighting published by Focal Press and used as a cinematography text book at many film schools.
Filmmaker's Pocket Reference, also published by Focal Press.
Professional Cinematography, Focal Press, Fall 2002

Call for a reel or E-mail me at I'm based in LA, but I also have an apartment in New York and shoot there frequently.

I've worked all over the US and in Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, India, the Mideast, Hong Kong and other places so I'm familiar with shooting out of town. I've shot in jungles, hanging off the pontoon of a helicopter, silver mines, mountaintops, caves, subway tunnels and inside the fuel tank of a 737.

If you wish, I can provide names and phone numbers of directors, producers and production manager I have worked with on all types of productions.